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    Vyome Presents on Development of DARTs at ASM 2016


    DARTs Has Potential to Develop Novel Treatments for Gram Positive/Negative Skin Opportunist Pathogens

    08th Dec 2016. Vyome Biosciences, a clinical-stage specialty biopharmaceutical company developing novel medicines for treating skin diseases caused by resistant microbes, presented two posters at the Re-Entering Antibacterial Discovery and Development Summit 2016 in Boston. The first poster details how its Dual Action Rational Therapeutics (DARTs) technology-based novel drug candidates may have the potential to bypass and/or suppress antibiotic resistance for severe antibiotic-resistant infections caused by orthopedic implants caused by S. epidermidis, a skin opportunist pathogen. The second poster details the potential of Vyome’s library of novel antibiotics currently in development for skin opportunist pathogens, and their low propensity to develop antibiotic resistance.

    Vyome’s patented DARTs technology has the potential to improve treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections from skin opportunist pathogens that occur during orthopedic surgeries. Systemic antibiotics may be ineffective in treating implant-related bone infections from opportunistic pathogens during accident-associated or elective orthopedic surgeries. Local antibiotic therapies, which are loaded into bone cements, are also limited in efficacy due to poor drug penetration through the bone, emergence of multi-drug resistant pathogens and formation of bacterial biofilms. The company presented, “Development of a New Generation Antibiotic for the Treatment of Orthopedic Implant-Associated Infections Caused by Skin Opportunist Pathogens” during a poster session this week.

    “The rapid appearance and growth of resistant bacterial strains has far reaching implications on public health around the world, and there is an immediate need for additional, more effective treatment options for infections caused by skin opportunist pathogens,” said Venkateswarlu Nelabhotla (N. Venkat), Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vyome Biosciences. “Where currently available systemic and locally administered antibiotics fail, our multi-action DARTs platform has the potential to achieve a high level of efficacy while minimizing the risk of emerging resistance,” remarked Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta, Co-Founder & Board Member, Vyome Biosciences.

    As antibiotic resistant strains of both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria become more prevalent across many areas of care, Vyome aims to address this large unmet need by developing a library of Dual Action Rational Therapeutics technology platform based novel compounds by utilizing a rational structure-based drug design to generate new antibiotics which have multi-mode action to bypass and/or suppress antibiotic resistance. Vyome aims to develop and leverage only molecules with potent bactericidal activity against resistant strains, low propensity in emergence of resistance, a demonstrable ability to disrupt biofilms, and the exhibition of anti-inflammatory properties as the path forward in treating local/topical infections caused by antibiotic resistant skin opportunist pathogens. The company presented a study, “Development of a Library of Novel Antibiotics with Low Propensity to Develop Resistance” at the summit this week.

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