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    Platform Strategy

    Vyome envisages a future where contemporary knowledge of host pathogen relationship of the skin microbiome at a molecular and genomic level can be fully exploited in designing novel therapies to address the huge unmet need and growing concern of antibiotic resistance. Genomic understanding of the pathogens will be utilized to fully harness the potential and to significantly enhance the efficacy of anti-microbial agents. In pursuit of achieving these goals, Vyome leverages its technology platforms using the functional genomics of the skin microbiome which are very versatile in nature with multiple potential usages.

    Antibiotics–Resistant Acne

    Acne is caused by a bacteria, Cutibacterium acne. Over 240 million patients suffer from mild to moderate acne globally and are treated with antibiotics. Over 100 million patients are resistant to current antibiotics used to treat acne.
    Vyome has built a library of Cutibacterium acne isolates from patients and utilizes a genomic understanding of the drivers of resistance. Based on this understanding. Using this approach, Vyome is efficiently advancing its lead molecule VB 1953 to the clinics for the treatment of drug-resistant acne. VB 1953 also exerts an anti-inflammatory effect and retards the development of resistance. Vyome merges this next-generation antibiotics with an IP-protected microtechnology gel system that ensures the drug is retained at the site of infection and minimizes systemic exposure.


    DARTS Platform Strategy

    New generation of antibiotics, called as Dual Action Rational Therapeutics (DARTSTM) inhibit multiples targets in the bacterial DNA replication and protein translation machinery, and is therefore designed to retard the development of future resistance. These novel antibiotics exhibit excellent activity in antibiotic-resistant Cutibacterium acnes, and also against Staphylococcus epidermidis, which cause over 90% of all implant-related infections. DARTS are being tested against acute infections during surgical interventions or other life threatening infections.

    Molecular Replacement Therapeutics (MRTTM)

    Molecular Replacement Therapeutics (MRTTM) involve substituting essential biomolecules in the tissue micro-environment where an infecting microbe is thriving with agents that are deleterious to the growth of the pathogen. MRTTM therefore act as potentiators of existing antifungal agents. In clinical studies, MRTTM outperforms the best currently available therapy in treatments of skin fungal infections such as scalp seborrheic dermatitis.

    Treatment for Recalcitrant Skin Fungal Infections

    As a therapeutic area, the anti-fungal space has suffered from a lack of innovation for decades. Doctors & patients are dissatisfied with the current treatment options and there are multiple unmet needs. Vyome's anti-fungal platform technology for treatment of recalcitrant fungal infections has aided in development of novel anti-fungal products with enhanced efficacy over existing leading brands, as envisaged in the in vitro & in vivo studies performed by Vyome. Vyome has developed tratement options for Tinea & Candida fungi species.

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