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    About Vyome Therapeutics Limited

    Vyome Therapeutics Limited (VTL) is a 100% subsidiary of Vyome Therapeutics Inc (VTI) focused ondrug discovery and development services in the field of dermatology advancing the product pipeline of its parent company, VTI.

    VTL has a team of scientific and management experts with successful track record in the space of innovation and is currently prociding services to build VTI's robust pipeline of products.

    VTL has full service capabilities in the areas of Chemistry, Biology, Formulation development, Analytical development, Clinical research, and Quality Assurance. VTL laboratories are established in Delhi, India with the state-of-art infrastructure to carryout research and development services.

    Our Vision

    We will:
    Continuously strive to innovate, research and develop novel platform technologies and a robust pipeline of novel drugs for the treatment of antibiotic resistant acne and other opportunistic skin pathogens

    Our Values

    The Company will achieve its vision by living by its core values of:

    Uncompromising Integrity
    Uncompromising Integrity entails upholding the highest standards of professional commitment, business ethics and corporate governance.

    Scientific Excellence
    Scientific Excellence entails championing creative thinking in science that can lead to development of novel platforms at a significantly lowered cost.

    Seamlessness means breaking down physical and mental silos to generate higher value through effective ideation and speedier execution.

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