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    About Vyome Therapeutics Inc.

    Vyome Therapeutics is an innovation-driven, clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company, working to treat inflammatory diseases with locally-acting, next generation therapeutic solutions.

    Vyome's management team members are leaders in the drug development field, with deep expertise and a proven track record of successfully launching over 50 products in the life sciences and in building visionary companies.

    Vyome has a robust pipeline of novel locally-acting drug candidates designed to improve current standards of care for multifactorial diseases of unmet need which are underpinned by inflammation. The company's lead molecule (VB-1953), which targets the substantial unmet need in the drug resistant C. acne prescription market, is a powerful bactericidal topical treatment with the demonstrated ability to inhibit inflammatory cytokine production and reduce inflammatory lesions in acne. VB-1953 completed enrollment in its Phase 2b clinical trial in October 2019 with clinical results expected in the first half 2020.

    Vyome is also developing VT-1908 and VT-1917. VT-1908 is a locally-administered treatment for immune cell-mediated non-infectious uveitis. In preclinical studies, VT-1908 demonstrated the ability to reduce inflammation in the uvea of the eye through the inhibition of aberrant B and T cell activity and could potentially improve upon the current standard of care, eliminating the need for steroids.

    VT-1917 is a preclinical bactericidal and anti-inflammatory candidate optimized for local administration for otitic infections. Current standards of care are only able to address either the inflammatory or bacterial component of the disease, but VT-1917’s approach could shift the current treatment paradigm in otitic diseases by addressing both inflammation and bacterial infection with one locally-acting drug.


    Our Vision

    Vyome Therapeutics will:
    Continuously strive to innovate, research and develop novel platform technologies and a robust pipeline of novel drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of unmet need, and consequently grow into a global clinical and commercial stage speciality pharmaceutical company with robust organization, systems and IP portfolio.

    Our Values

    Vyome will achieve its vision by living out its core values of:

    Uncompromising Integrity
    Uncompromising Integrity entails upholding the highest standards of professional commitment, business ethics and corporate governance.

    Business Innovation
    Business Innovation involves looking at novel product development and commercialization strategies, and being open to new ways of collaborating.

    Scientific Excellence
    Scientific Excellence entails championing creative thinking in science that can lead to development of novel platforms at a significantly lowered cost.

    Seamlessness involves breaking down physical and mental silos to generate higher value through effective ideation and speedier execution.

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