We are laser-focused on unmet medical needs and addressing them with novel therapeutic products that regulate the immuno-inflammation response. We rely on 3 principles to create impact and value:

  1. Focus on unmet medical need: We differentiate from the crowd by truly diving deep into our medical knowledge and expertise to identify significant unmet medical needs that currently have no approved products. We select only those unmet needs that can be clinically addressed and offer a clear regulatory path for development.
  2. Create strong mechanistic IP around treating the disease: We leverage a strong  mechanistic understanding of the causes and drivers of the disease to identify the best target, the optimal product, and tractable clinical endpoints. A strong mechanistic basis also allows us to create new IP. Vyome has over 75 patents granted or pending.
  3. Laser focus on smart clinical trial design and execution: We bring a thoughtful and creative approach to clinical development. We are laser focused on (1) The right patient pool, (2) Identifying endpoints that are meaningful and achievable; and (3) Trial design that enable the generation of registrational data in a cost-effective manner. 
These 3 principles, interlinked, allow us to maximize impact and value while minimizing risks and costs.


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Targeting immuno-inflamation and rare diseases