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    Partnering Opportunities

    Partnerships are an important facet of Vyome's business, and we are committed to collaborations that advance our pipeline and enhance the needs of patients. Vyome is currently partnered with two large pharmaceutical companies.

    In addition to Vyome's lead pipeline candidates in the pipeline section, the following additional novel antifungal products are currently open for future partnerships


    Molecular Replacement Therapeutics (MRTTM):  Vyome's MRTTM approach focuses on the development of effective, targeted and safe topical therapeutics against fungal and bacterial infections of the skin, with better pharmacological profiles than the incumbent therapies. This promising MRTTM intends to reduce dosages and application frequencies of topical formulations, achieve faster onset of action and amplify relief for the patient.

    Treatment for Recalcitrant Skin Fungal Infections:  As a therapeutic area, the anti-fungal space has suffered from a lack of innovation for decades. Doctors & patients are dissatisfied with the current treatment options and there are multiple unmet needs. Vyome's anti-fungal platform technology for treatment of recalcitrant fungal diseases has aided in development of novel anti-fungal products with enhanced efficacy over existing leading brands, as envisaged in the in vitro & in vivo studies performed by Vyome. Vyome has developed treatment options for Tinea & Candida fungi species.

    Products developed using MRTTM:

    Currently, Vyome is open for various partnership opportunities for its Anti-fungal technology products shown above. For more details, please write to us: contact@vyometx.com

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